Increase the Life of Your Android’s Power Button by 50%

Android devices are known for its nasty power button issues, it starts with the power button responding slow and then graduates to the button not responding at all. The common fix is to get it repaired at the manufacturers repair center.

Another solution is to use apps to replace locking and unlocking buttons (we will talk about that in another post).

As of now lets see how we can prevent the power button from breaking (due to excessive use).

We can cut down the use of power button by 50%, that means the life increases by 50% (well sort of). To do that we will use the power button only for unlocking our phone.

For locking it, we will use an application.

The app we will use in this scenario will be Screen Off and Lock. An Android app that can be installed from the Google Play Store.

After you install the application, the app will allow you to create a homescreen button to lock the screen. Which means no more tapping on the power button to lock the mobile. Instead just tap on the on screen icon to lock your screen.

Tasker users can create a Screen Off task and the use the Tasker Widget option to make that Task as an icon. This will act the same as the above mentioned app but without all the extra storage and permission issues (which is good).

Hope it helps your Android experience.


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    You can also use a Flip Cover if available for the Phone to avoid using Power Button for locking the phone. It will automatically lock the phone when the flip cover is closed & remove when its open.

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    Nice post about the power button issue..Have downloaded the application from play store let me check how it goes..Thanks for sharing

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