Instagram Alternatives for Windows Phone

Instagram is crawling to most Mobile Operating systems now which you can see after Instagram arrived on Android this week and its been rumored to arrive on Windows Phones soon, Till then you can experience Instagram like Photo Filters with a few good Instagram Alternatives for your windows phone.

The reason there are not much of ‘Instagram Like’ application or Instagram Ports on different Operating Systems are because the Dedicated developers are not supplied with an Open API of Instagram on which they can work. Personally speaking, If the API is made public, You can expect a lot better Instagram App alternatives with same features of Instagram.

Lets begin with the app which is said to be the Instagram Clone or Unofficial Instagram for Windows Mobiles. Well the App’s name will surely prove it.


InstaCam - Instagram Alternative

InstaCam – Instagram Alternative

Features of InstaCam.

1. InstaCam has a collection of 23+ Photo Filters and 9 Frames.

2. Share your Snaps on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Weibo, Vkontakte and Flickr.

3. Integrates with your Instagram Account.

4. Also you can browse anonymously without an Instagram Account.

5. You can view Popular Pictures, Follow/Unfollow people.

6. Search for Photos by Tags, Comment,Like on Photos.

App Size : 3MB

App Download Link : [LINK]

Next Instagram Alternative for Windows Mobile is called the ..


Metrogram - Instagram Alternative

Metrogram – Instagram Alternative

Metrogram is very much limited Application that has several restrictions which they aim to resolve in the next coming updates. Though you can have a look at the appĀ  and see for yourself if its worth the 2MB of space on your Mobile.

App Size : 2MB

App Download Link : [LINK]

Next pls..


Bubblegum - Instagram Alternative

Bubblegum – Instagram Alternative

Bubblegum is another good alternative with a better set of filters.

Features of Bubblegum.

1. Share your photos through the app or on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.

2. Friends Followers and connect with other Bubblegummers.

App Size : 1MB

App Download Link : [LINK]

Next Next..


PicThx - Instagram Alternative

PicThx – Instagram Alternative

Features of PicThx.

1. Apply Filters.

2. Share photos on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Follow great Photographers.

4. Like, Comment features.

App Size : 1MB

App Download Link : [LINK]

Choice is yours, But InstaCam and Bubblegum seems to stand out from the crowd.

Whats your favorite Instagram Alternative for Windows Mobile? Comment it!

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