Make Your Shopping/Selling Easier with the help of Online Classified Ads

free online classified ads

free online classified ads

Looking to purchase any product at cheaper price or keen on knowing the best amongst the other kind of products that you are looking for? Internet has enabled the world to shop from anyplace, by sitting comfortably at your home. Online classified ads are one of the best choices for the individuals who either want to buy or sell any particular product. The main advantage of the online classified ad is, its money saving feature as you get to evaluate an array of products. One of the other features of the online classified ads is that you can buy any product when you need. Whenever you buy from online classified ad provider like, rather than making the payment much before you have viewed the product, you actually get an opportunity to know the specifications of the product and have a look at it before you decide to finally buy it.

OLX is one of the most preferred online classified ad providers that provide an economical and simple solution to your needs of posting free ads for either selling or buying a product. OLX is basically an internet advertising firm which is very popular and famous amongst the online shoppers.

Advertising on OLX is Free!

The website hosts free of cost user generated classified ads for the urban societies all around the world. OLX also provides discussion forums which are sorted by numerous topics. Incorporated in the year 2006, the company is privately held.

No matter what your need is, buying, selling, trading, organizing, discussing or meeting the individuals around or near you, Wondering what does offer?

  • You can view OLX in your local language.

  • The website can be accessed from your mobile handset.

  • It displays your classified ads on an array of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

  • It helps in controlling the buying, selling beside keeping a check on your community activity in MY OLX.

  • The website easily and simply designs the ads in rich colors along with videos and pictures

OLX is the sole online classified ad provider which is used in approximately 98 countries. It can be viewed in nearly 40 languages. The site offers various categories and subcategories. From vehicles to real estate, from matrimonial to jobs, from classes to communities,They present numerous categories, which are then segmented by their respective sub categories. Posting free ads can be done with the help of in much convenient and hassle free manner.Posting free ads Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city has just become easier with OLX.

Featured Ads Feature.

OLX features a very special service of featured ad for its customers who want to post their ads on This service permits your classified ad to appear on any of the social networking websites under the section of featured ads. This helps in increasing the visibility of the ad which is considered regular. The main benefit of this service is that it gets excellent placement by becoming visible under the section of featured listings. If you want to post any classified ad online at, you must fill the online form carefully and post the message which you want to convey to the target audience. You will be asked to fill in the category and sub category. You must fill this if you want to publish your post online at

Once you have completed filling their online details, they will publish your ad free of cost and update it regularly. OLX, as the premium provider of online classified ads has transformed the entire shopping experience, making it memorable and exciting.

So if you are looking for a place to sell your Old Computer or Mobile Phone and want to get the best deal, Head on to OLX. Hope you liked the article.

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  1. says

    Hi Anoop,

    A helpful post for many who are new to this platform. There are many ad sites which allow you to post your ads for free. There many be small time business owners who cannot afford to invest on expensive ads and hence, they may take the help of these sites to promote themselves.


  2. says

    Hi Anoop,

    I have been using classified ads for shopping and selling too. Found it really economical and 100% useful. This platform is less expensive and free at times. Worth being there for all those who cannot afford blowing millions on advertising.

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