Microsoft Windows 8 Pro & Enterprise RTM 32bit & 64bit Leaked Download Links with Activation Method



Microsoft Windows 8 has supposedly been leaked far early. The RTM versions were shipped on August 1st and the Enterprise edition (N version)
was leaked on August 2nd. You might be wondering what the N version of windows 8 is all about.. Well the special N designation is in line with the EU ruling that Windows may not ship with Windows Media Player baked into the OS i.e in simple words the Windows 8 N version will not have Windows Media Player.

Also the first leak was a Non Bootable Windows 8 files leak which means you cannot install the Operating System by burning the files to a DVD or by using USB Boot. One method was to integrate the files into the Release Preview of Windows 8 and then boot it.

Anyways, I will list the Magnet URLs (Torrent) of the Leaked Builds. I hope to keep this page updated with new leaks.

Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise RTM Leaks

Leak Info :

BUILD: 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
SIZE: 3,009,678,501 byte
SHA-1: 06E84C99BB14949443018DC4E6447A7501BD25E4
MD5: B70FE9CDE8B3C5E7E360660F64F8FF58

Download Link : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:06E84C99BB14949443018DC4E6447A7501BD25E4

Leak Info :

BUILD: 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
FILE: 9200.16384.120725-1247_x64frev_Enterprise_VL_HRM_CENA_X64FREV_EN-US_DVD.iso
SIZE: 3,490,912,256 byte
SHA-1: 73DF20A98D8CDF52E70FBFFECBEBA63F2A242322
MD5: 73CE7A432BA94AFC2C7A4F05B507D8F1

Download Link : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:306DD23F1D2F66C7ABB4AA8A69C536EFEB61B4E6

Leak Info :

BUILD: 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
FILE: 9200.16384.120725-1247_x86frev_Enterprise_VL_HRM_CENA_X86FREV_EN-US_DVD.iso
SIZE: 2,551,154,688 byte
SHA-1: 15CE0B54557B0EC6376ACBBF76E33714FFC3A632
MD5: 5BC27DBAD05D0D40869CD03634FFAABC
CRC: 8F5F944A

Download Link : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FF5459C9B9B3169ECD1F9BC9463C3C2B7095CC3F

Microsoft Windows 8 Professional RTM Leaks

Leak Info :

BUILD: 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
FILE: Windows_8_Pro_EN-US_x86.ISO
SIZE: 2,632,460,288 byte
SHA-1: B30B7D770F047CF427E836ABC048501EFF8A1FAC
MD5: 99C94934E53B4E28E955D4FCB06CAAA8
CRC: A13474A9

Download Link : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0479B600888065C5843A6F0B2074FD2F265C4D6F

Leak Info :

BUILD: 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247
FILE: Windows_8_Pro_EN-US_x64.ISO
SIZE: 3,581,853,696 byte
SHA-1: E63C1D3733532ABC7AB28F3D61526E361E80271A
MD5: 7A10316A79A543F2BF4953A4332B4323

Download Link : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5990C764FC3E36EA583B80FD3A16A2D9DB3441D9

Serial Keys for Windows 8 Professional RTM

Professional : XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH
ProfessionalWMC : RR3BN-3YY9P-9D7FC-7J4YF-QGJXW (Upgrade only Key)

Core : BN3D2-R7TKB-3YPBD-8DRP2-27GG4
Professional : NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4
ProfessionalWMC : GNBB8-YVD74-QJHX6-27H4K-8QHDG (Upgrade only Key)

Windows Media Center Installation Steps in Windows 8 Professional RTM.

Step 1. Install Microsoft Windows 8 Professional using the XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH OR NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4 Key.

Step 2. Search for “Add Features to Windows 8″ in the Start.

Step 3. Enter the Windows 8 ProfessionalWMC key to upgrade, Your system will Restart and the upgrade will be completed.

Windows 8 Activation Method

Step 1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

Step 2. Type in the following commands one by one as per your Windows 8 Edition.

Windows 8 Enterprise Activation Method:

slmgr /skms

slmgr.vbs -ato

Windows 8 Professional Activation Method:

slmgr.vbs -ipk NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4

slmgr /skms

slmgr.vbs -ato

Step 3. Restart System.

Source :

These are Untouched and Original files from Legit sources. I don’t recommend direct installations of these on your Main system. Use a Virtual Machine to test them out.


  1. vikram says

    for how many days will the window “win_pro” ‘ll be activated?is it for 180 days or is it the full time

  2. Corl Jupz says

    works perfect for me. didnt bother to download the WMC tho. it’ll work even if the KMS server is down. just follow the steps promptly. btw, i used a different activator prior to trying this one.

  3. Sahil says

    hey…..i have used the windows 8 activator software…(chinese one most probably)…works nice….n also gives the option of win 7 start button style….very nice app…do try it out! :-)

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