Official Windows 8 Themes : Nightfall and Starlight Panoramic Theme

Windows 8 Consumer preview was released for public yesterday and till now there have been tens of thousands of installs of this latest build of Windows Operating System.

The default look of windows 8 is in itself appealing for majority of its users but what if you would like to try some different themes on your OS? Default Personalization gallery of Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with only 2 Aero Themes namely :

  • Windows
  • Nature

Till now there is only one windows 8 official theme available for personalization in the gallery.

This theme named “Nightfall and Starlight Panoramic Theme” comes with 9 HD Wallpapers which supports Multi Screen view, Explore distant galaxies, verdant meadows, steep mountains, and serene seas without ever leaving your chair with this unique theme from Microsoft.

Wallpapers in this Theme Pack.

Wallpaper #1

Wallpaper #2

Wallpaper #3

Wallpaper #4

Wallpaper #5

Wallpaper #6

Wallpaper #7

Wallpaper #8

Wallpaper #9


  • This theme can only be used in Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows Developer Preview.
  • Panoramic images will automatically extend across both displays of a dual-monitor setup if both monitors have the same resolution settings. If the displays are different sizes or have different resolution settings, a different image will appear in each monitor.
  • Panoramic themes can be used on single monitor setups, but only the center part of the image will be visible.

Lets hope more appealing themes like this are available in the gallery soon.


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