How to Stop Google from Using Your Profile Info in Android Caller ID

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Earlier we had written about how Google wanted to use your Google Plus profile picture in online ads and how to opt out of it, Hopefully you have done it already. Now comes another privacy issue for Android users. Most Android users have a Google Plus profile and are already using Google Account attached to the Android. This means Google is well aware of your phone number and will be starting to link your Name and Google Plus profile picture to your phone number and display it as Caller ID when you call someone or someone calls you.

You don’t need to be in their Phonebook yet still they will be able to see your Name and Photo and also whats even more frightening is that anyone calling your number will find your Name and Photo as well even though you are a total stranger to them. Imagine some stranger ringing your number and finding all your details like Name, Photo and Google Plus profile. This smart caller ID feature comes by default as part of the new Android 4.4 Kitkat.

All these news are making clear why Google wants every Plus user to use their real name in their profiles. Also Google enforces the use of a profile picture which shows your face clearly. Well it seems all of those rules were for these upcoming tasks they had in their to-do list.

For those of you who don’t want Google to go around displaying your Name, Photo and Social Network profile to random strangers, You can opt out of this by following this simple step.

How to Opt out of Google’s Smarter Caller ID

Step 1. Login to your Google Account where you have your Plus Profile and Android Phone attached.

Step 2. Visit this phone settings page.

Step 3. Untick this checkbox next to your phone number to opt out of Google’s Smarter Caller ID.

opt out of google caller id

opt out of google caller id

After this your information won’t be displayed publicly, Atleast that is what Google assures you of. Please share this article with your friends who use Google Plus. Simply Sharing this page using the Plus One button will help a lot of people realize this privacy issue.


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    Nice tip for privacy safety in Smart caller ID feature coming with latest android version 4.4. It is no way right to let unknown people know about your name and photo by your cell phone number dialing. We trust Google & hope they will keep attention of our privacy after un-checking this option in Google Plus profile.

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