Part 1 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012 Day 1

If you had watched the Google I/O Developer Conference 2012 then chances are there that you are overwhelmed with all the information overloads that you got hit by while watching it. Thats normal, Even the techiest reporter at the occasion would have felt that. Breaking down all the stuffs that were talked about and took place there is a complex task and that is what I will try my best to do.

So noting down the major announcements at Google I/O Developer Conference 2012, We can come up with the following list:

  1. Announcement of Android 4.1 – Android Jelly Bean.
  2. Google Nexus 7 Tablet launch.
  3. Google Nexus Q Streaming Device Launch.
  4. Google Now and Google + Events.
  5. Google Glasses Demo and Explorer Edition Launch.

That does look a short list, But there are masses of information about each of them. I wouldn’t go into that much detail but will give you an overview of Day 1.

I started a little late on the Live Stream, So from where I saw..probably 2-3 minutes late, The Keynote started out by Hugo saying that there have been 400 Million Android Device Activations and its growing at a fast rate of around 1 Million per day. That is a huge number and is definitely going to double,triple or quadruple over the years considering the popularity of Android OS.

1. Android Jelly Bean Launch and Jelly Bean Features.

Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean

Then the moment shifted to the launch of Android Jelly Bean, Though it was not such a surprise thanks to the Rumors and leaks over the months that passed. But still hearing it from a Google employee means a lot.

Google’s main target with Jelly Bean is to harness every drop of CPU Power and put it to use efficiently, To show the demo of its performance Google used a High Speed Camera to record the difference in performance between a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)  against the same model phone using Jelly Bean. The result was excellent. When the user performed the same set of actions on both the phones at the same time the real difference in performance was revealed, Clicking on the Menu icon snapped opened the Menu on Jelly Bean but ICS took a bit of shakes and jitters and pixel reveals before the Menu came up, Although you might rarely notice that on a real time use but the High Speed camera revealed it all.

Before showing the demo, They talked about Project Butter – A project aimed at improving the Smoothness and Performance of Android Jelly Bean and you can realize the amount of smoothness with the previous demo of ICS vs JB.

project butter

project butter

Jelly Bean in coordination with Project Butter has many improvements in Video and Graphics, With improvements like VSync,Triple Buffering and Touch Responsiveness Jelly Bean is sure to rock the Android world.

Also this conference not only favored the Software Developer Community by releasing the Android SDK. (Download Here) but also Google announced that from now on, it will be releasing PDKs abbrev for Platform Development Kit for Hardware Manufacturers to start developing their HWs to make best use of the OS. So inshort its like this, Google develops Android keeping in mind to use full potential of HW and HW manufacturers develop HWs keeping in mind to use full potential of OS. Its getting better!

Offline Speech Recognizer and Voice Typing.

Another thing they said at the conference blew my mind! Google Speech to Text as you know uses Data Connection to connect to their Online Database and retrieve responses.. and with slow network connection comes lagging which is against the protocol of Project Butter at Google. So why not make the Speech Recognizer Offline? Hows the idea? Still thinking? Its already done at Google. Jelly bean comes with offline speech recognizer that lets you use Voice commands and Voice Typing by being offline, Hugo asked for the demo and the presenter put the phone in Flight Mode and started Typing out by Voice commands and it worked! The Speech Recognizer database stays offline.

Improved Camera and Photo Actions with Gestures.

Smoothness returns, With Jelly Bean reviewing already taken photos is just a swipe away. Google will add a Filmstrip view for faster photo navigation. You can also crop photos for sharing, and swipe away images you want to delete with a quick finger motion.

Better Predictive Keyboard.

Predictive Keyboard has been a part of Android and you are familiar with the little word suggestion popups aren’t you? Take it to a next level with the better predictive keyboard which will tell you the next word you are going to write.

Intelligent and Resizable Widgets.

Spring cleaning a Home Screen has never been easier. Jelly Bean has resizeble widgets that can squeeze themselves into any place among other widgets or shortcuts on the screen. Say for example you want to fit a Data Connection widget on the screen with a lot of filled shortcuts, When you drag it in, Either the widget will resize itself or if you move widget around the screen, Other shortcuts fly around to make space.

Voice Search.

Voice Search is a competing feature with Apple Siri, The revolutionary Digital Personal Assistant by Apple seems to have a Google competitor.

Improved Notifications.

Notifications form the backbone of Android system and if this is not tweaked in the new version you will miss a lot.. Fortunately yes there is a makeover. In Jelly Bean, Notifications have gone a lot sophisticated yet not complex enough to be scary.. You can interact with Alerts and messages lot more faster with the new OS. Say for eg, You get a Missed call and there you have the call back option with just a tap on the notification icon. Also if you use apps like Pulse News then you can view all the latest new along with photos and thumbnails right from the notifications bar.

Here is a Preview of all the above discussed features from the Keynote:

That concludes the highlights of Google’s new Android Operating System flavor ‘Jelly Bean’. Stay subscribed and Like our Fanpage to get more Hacks and Tweaks on Jelly Bean and other Android OS’es.

Android Jelly Bean will be initially available for Galaxy Nexus,Nexus S and Moto Xoom tablet and will be available in the Mid July 2012.

That was it for the first part of Day 1 of Google I/O Developer Conference 2012 news. Will write on the other topics shortly! And they are much more interesting I say.

Thanks to CNet for offering the Live Stream!


  1. says

    Android 4.1 paired with Nexus 7 makes a killer combo and the pricing makes the deal more sweeter.Cant wait to get my hands on it.

    The best part was Sky diving thing 😉

  2. says

    The launch of Nexus7 will be just after Surface. There’s gonna be a very tough competition between the two. But in my opinion, Nexus7 will be better because Android development for v4.1 will have more depth than that of Windows8.

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