Part 2 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012 Day 1

In the last part, I wrote about the first Announcement of Google I/O Developer Conference 2012. Here I will try to cover all the rest of points we listed in there.

Read the Part 1 of Day 1 at Google I/O Developer Conference 2012.

Recap :

  1. Announcement of Android 4.1 – Android Jelly Bean.
  2. Google Nexus 7 Tablet launch.
  3. Google Nexus Q Streaming Device Launch.
  4. Google Now and Google + Events.
  5. Google Glasses Demo and Explorer Edition Launch.

We already discussed the Android Jelly Bean part. Now the rest of them.

2. Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus is a 7 inch tablet that Google unveiled yesterday at the conference. Manufactured by Asus, Google Nexus Tablet is a groundbreaking innovation that bring to you the fullest glory of Google Play with all the HD content at your finger tips.



Google Nexus 7 Tablet Features:

Google Nexus 7 Tablet sports the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System with a super thin,light and portable body. The tablet can play 1280×800 Pure HD and is geared up with a monster GPU of 12 Core and 1 GB RAM with Tegra 3 Chipset and a breathtaking Quad Core CPU. Weighs only 340gms.

The connectivity and other features are as follows:

A front facing 1.2-megapixel Camera, WiFi , Bluetooth , Near Field Communication (NFC).

Battery Life:

9 Hours with HD Video.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Price :

This is what beats the competition, Google Nexus 7 Tablet is priced at $199 for 8GB Device and $249 for 16GB Device.

Pre-Order Google Nexus 7 Tablet : You can preorder google nexus 7 tablet (US & Canada) here : Pre Order Google Nexus 7 Tablet and it will be shipped in the Mid July.

3. Google Nexus Q Streaming Device.

Google Nexus Q

Google Nexus Q

This is an innovative and brilliant device. You might be wondering what this stuff is all about..  Let see.

The Nexus Q is shaped like a very small bowling ball. It’s got a flat bottom for setting on tables. When you turn it on, a middle strip glows with LED lights to indicate that it’s working its magic, streaming songs, videos, and photos to your connected devices around the house. When the lights glow, it looks like a small Saturn.

On the back, there’s a Micro-HDMI output, an optical audio port, Ethernet jack, plus a Micro-USB port for “general hackability” (as they said in the conference). More interestingly, there’s a set of jack speaker outputs, which are for powering speakers using the Nexus Q’s built-in 25-watt amp, no separate AV receiver required. There’s also built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC (near-field communication) support.

Nexus Q runs Android 4.0, with 16GB of onboard flash memory and 1GB of RAM. Nexus Q only supports a few Google-centric apps such as Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV, and YouTube. You can use this device in a Party and all other friends can add to your Party Playlist from their clouds.

The Orb is priced at $300. Which is a bit high compared to others in the market but this is mainly cause of the built in Amp.

4. Google Now and Google+ Events and Google Play Upgrade.

Google + celebrated its first anniversary yesterday at the Google Developer Conference. They have added tons of exciting features after the 1st year, But waiting yearlong for new features ? 😀

Google+ Events.

Google Plus unveiled its latest feature : Google+ Events : The idea is to make scheduling events and keeping track of the details (attendees, photos, etc.) On the stage, Google employees stressed hard on the point that most Events creating and sharing apps limit you with the first phase of Events. i.e Are you Going? Yes or No.

Google+ Events stresses further on the Ongoing Event and After the Event phase. Lets see what that means.

Phase #1 – Creating an Event in Google+.

To create an event, simply head to your Google+. Click on Events in the left-hand side menu to open the window. You get lots of Cinegraphs which are Themes for you invitations.You can find choices for cookouts, dinners, weddings, nightclubs, beaches, and so on. Pick your favorite cinegraph and get started.

Enter a Title,Date & Time,Location and Invite Settings to control who can invite to your party. You can also add descriptions to assist people with stuffs like Party Dress Code etc.

Then you can add your friend’s name and invite them, You can also enter email id of people who are not on Google Plus but would like to be a part of your event. That is it when you are the Host.

Phase #2 – Attending Events in Google+.

When you get invited to an event in Google+, you’ll see a drop-down box at the top right-hand corner of the event information that lets you select your RSVP status. Before making your RSVP official, you can hover over the “Are you going?” button (see screenshot below). This will give you the option to check your availability in Google Calendar or see directions on a map that appears.

Phase #3 – Sharing Photos in Google+ Events.

This is the best part, Google+ App which has been updated in the Google Play has a new Party mode that lets you do the Sharing Photos part.

Whats the Party Mode?

The Party Mode in Google Plus App lets you automatically upload videos and photos to the event page, sharing them with all other attendees. You’ll also be able to see whatever photos other attendees take and upload.

The bugging part of a Party is that your photos are distributed among the 10s and 100s of attendees. Ever wished if all those are available at one place? I have wished a lot and its now possible with the Party Mode, All your photos taken by friends on Google Plus are available at one place and those who are not on G+ are sent a polite email asking them to upload theirs too.

All the photos are available along with a blip that shows who uploaded the photo and a Trending photos section shows the photos with most likes and comments.

Google Now.

In May, Google unveiled what it called its “Knowledge Graph,”. With Jelly Bean, Google plans to use the power of the knowledge graph to return richer results, dubbed cards. A new service known as Google Now, meanwhile, “gets you just the right information at just the right time, and all of it happens automatically,” Barra said. That includes using your search history, location history, and calendar to figure out what information your might need and when. To access Google Now, tap on search box or swipe up from bottom of the screen.

For Example, You are new to a city and would like to visit a nearby Hotel, You power up Google Now and ask for suggestion, It will have a look at your search history and find that you are Chinese Dish lover. It will suggest the nearest hotel which serves the best Chinese dishes.

Google Plus Upgraded.

Movies, Magazine and TV – Now you can download Full Length Movies and Episodes from Google Play, HD content is now at your fingertips. Google has partnerships for the service with a range of producers, including NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Disney, Bravo, Paramount, Virgil Films, and Sundance. Also new are magazines, purchased individually or by subscription, he said. Google has deals with publishers including Conde Nast and Hearst. There is a 14 Day FREE Trial of popular magazines on Google Plus.

Google Magazine

Google Magazine

APK Encryption – For App developers, Piracy is a major problem affecting their revenue. Google plus has added a new security feature called APK Encryption which prevents your APK from being distributed illegally.

Smart Updates – Furthermore, Google is helping you save tons of bandwidth. Earlier when any App got updated in Android Market or Google Play, You had to download the entire APK to apply the update, Now with Smart Updates you only have to download the updated part of APK which will help you save bandwidth and time. Smart updates are available on Gingerbread and above.

Google Cloud Messaging – Google also announced Google Cloud Messaging, a free service to help developers send data from servers to their Android applications on Android devices. The company claims it will improve app performance and cut down on data consumption.

You can download the Updated Google Play APK from here [Google Play Jelly Bean APK]

5. Google Glasses Demo.

Google I-O Project Glass

Google I-O Project Glass

Then enthralling demo of Google Glasses was the star of the Show, When Sergey barged into the stage with his Google Glasses snapped on his head. The crowd cheered, He simply asked “Do you want a demo of Google Glasses?” the crowd roars. Thats it, He starts the show.. A crew of stunt artists skydiving out of a blimp directly above the Moscone Center, parachuting down to the roof, where stunt BMX bikers proceeded to do backflips off ramps and then rappel down the side of the building and enter the conference room where Brin was speaking, all while wearing pairs of Google’s high-tech specs, filming the action live from a first-person view, and wirelessly broadcasting it on a large screen on the conference room stage for all to see. That was the show stealer.

What is Google Glass all about?

They are a pair of prototype high-tech glasses which are computerized, The company has not yet said when the product will be available for general consumers but the 6000 Developers who attended the meet can optin and buy the Explorer Edition for $1500.

The demo concluded with a video of a couple live-streaming video of their baby to relatives across the country, using Google Glass combined with the Google+ Hangout. The glass consists of many stuffs like Camera,Audio recorder, Screen,Gyroscope and Accelerometer stuffed into a device that is lighter than an average Sunglass.

The developers who attended the meet were all gifted with a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet/Google Nexus Q and a Google Nexus smartphone!

That was all about the Day 1 at Google I/O Conference 2012. Stay tuned for the announcements from Day 2.


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