PureVPN – One of the Fastest VPN Service for Anonymous Browsing

VPNs may be familiar to you if you are into internet security and love privacy and anonymous browsing. For those who are not that familiar of the concept of VPNs, Let me explain it for you.

What is VPN?

A VPN service encrypts your internet traffic and stops hackers and other malicious intended people from intercepting your internet traffic especially useful when connected to insecure networks such as public WiFi hotspots. VPN can protect your Passwords and Browsing history by encrypting them while transmitting. In short, A VPN is a service that encrypts your internet connection via their dedicated servers and makes it anonymous.

Uses of a VPN.

That would be the basic use, There are tons of other uses for a VPN. Some of them can be as follows.

  1. Once you are connected to a VPN, You are totally anonymous and its hard to reveal your true identity.
  2. You can bypass censorship and access blocked websites by using these Proxies provided by VPN.
  3. By selecting servers in different countries, You can make people believe you are residing in another country. Useful when browsing services or TV sites dedicated to a country which are blocked for other countries.
  4. While connected to a VPN, You don’t need to configure individual applications to work with proxies, All your apps and services are automatically tunneled through the secure VPN.

Now that you are aware about the advantages of using a VPN, Lets me introduce to you a VPN service that I recently came across and had an excellent experience with. The service provider is PureVPN.

About PureVPN.

PureVPN had kickstarted its service in November 2006 as an experimental project and within a year they were catering global services by 2007. As of 2012, They serve customers over 105+ countries and have around servers located in 14 countries.

Setting Up PureVPN.

PureVPN has two methods for connection, Both of them is simple to use.

  1. Download PBK Dialers (You will be getting these details in the order E-Mail).
  2. Download PureVPN software.

I prefer to use the software as it provides lot more options to tweak. So to setup PureVPN on your system.

Quick Setup.

Step 1. Download the PureVPN Dialer software. [Windows] [Linux (Manual Setup)] [Mac]

Step 2. Instal the software > Launch it.

Step 3. Choose the PPTP protocol and the country whose IP you want to spoof.



Step 4. Enter the Login Details and click the Quick Connect. Bam! Thats it.. You are connected to the server and VPN is now connected.

Step 5. Test if the VPN is working or not, Visit ip2location.com and see the IP and Country it reads from your connection. Mine is connected and working perfect.

ip changes

ip changes


The above was all thats needed for you to setup the VPN quickly. Now lets explore the software more.

Country Selection/Purpose Tab.

Here, You can choose the Protocol (If you are confused, Choose PPTP its the best and easiest) and the Server location from the list of all the servers that PureVPN supports at present.

country selection a

country selection a

If you don’t know which country to choose but know the exact use of the VPN, The choose the second tab under this ‘Select by Purpose

country selection b

country selection b

Here you just have to select the purpose of you choosing the VPN and the protocol type and the software configures the best Server for you.

Split Tunneling.

Say for example, You want to use the VPN only for some applications like Browsing and want the Torrent Downloads to take place via your normal ISP Network Gateway, Then you can do so by using this Tab in the software. Click the ‘Disable’ Button to enable this mode then search for compatible Applications or Add apps manually. Then Click on launch button to launch the Application via the Tunneled VPN.

split tunneling

split tunneling


Here you can configure the VPN settings like Launch on startup of windows, Auto-connect if line drops etc. Need not be fiddled with in my opinion.

The other two tabs are not of much use as they are Support and Package details. You can check them if you want to know about the updated plans.

Now this was just for Windows Setup, Did I mention that PureVPN works on iPad and Androids too? Woah! That is a big chunk of feature that most other providers fail to provide. You can read more about setting up PureVPN on iPad and Android here : [LINK]

PureVPN Packages.

PureVPN is available for as low as $6.25, Additionally you can also request a $2.5 Trial for using the service for 3 Days. View the complete plans here [Personal] [Corporate].

Hope you enjoyed the Article and have a safe and anonymous browsing 😉 Share the article if you found it informative :)


  1. j says

    PureVPN is an excellent service but there’s no P in this VPN as it’s not private or anonymous. They are requesting ID now.

    Still useful for bypassing censorship but with a bit of effort the people censoring can just ask PureVPN who you are.

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