Quick! Disable or Uninstall Java from Your PC before Its Too Late

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Computer security firms are urging PC users to disable Java software in their browsers, saying the widely installed, free software from Oracle Corp opens machines to hacker attacks and there is no way to defend against them.

The warnings, which began emerging over the weekend from Rapid7, AlienVault and other cyber security firms, are likely to unnerve a PC community scrambling to fend off growing security threats from hackers, viruses and malware.

Researchers have identified code that attacks machines by exploiting a newly discovered flaw in the latest version of Java. Once in, a second piece of software called “Poison Ivy” is released that lets hackers gain control of the infected computer, said Jaime Blasco, a research manager with AlienVault Labs.

Several security firms advised users to immediately disable Java software — installed in some form on the vast majority of personal computers around the world — in their Internet browsers. Oracle says that Java sits on 97 percent of enterprise desktops.

“If exploited, the attacker will be able to perform any action the victim can perform on the victim’s machine,” said Tod Beardsley, an engineering manager with Rapid7’s Metasploit division.

Computers can get infected without their users’ knowledge simply by a visit to any website that has been compromised by hackers, said Joshua Drake, a senior research scientist with the security firm Accuvant.

Java is a computer language that enables programmers to write one set of code to run on virtually any type of machine. It is widely used on the Internet so that Web developers can make their sites accessible from multiple browsers running on Microsoft Windows PCs or Macs from Apple Inc. An Oracle spokeswoman said she could not immediately comment on the matter.

Security experts recommended that users not enable Java for universal use on their browsers. Instead, they said it was safest to allow use of Java browser plug-ins on a case-by-case basis when prompted for permission by trusted programs such as GoToMeeting, a Web-based collaboration tool from Citrix Systems Inc.

Source : Huffingtonpost.

Rapid7 has built a Webpage which checks your Java version and notifies you if your Version is vulnerable to the attack. You can access the website here : [LINK]

Your Java will be most likely vulnerable. So proceed to Uninstall it or Disable it.

java exploitable

java exploitable

You can find the Tutorial to disable Java from browsers in here [LINK].

To Uninstall Java all together, Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.

Then in the Search Box, Enter Java and Uninstall all the search results.

uninstall Java

uninstall Java

Researchers are preparing an unofficial Patch for the vulnerability. But don’t go ahead and install unverified patches as they might work something else 😐

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  1. Faith says

    I’m so glad I happen to drop by your website. I quickly disabled my java. Even though my Facebook is terrible since it’s run on Java, still it’s better to take safety precautions.

  2. says

    Hi as I was aware that java coding is the one coding which is not hack able but after reading this article I do not understand what to do but its really bad for java company as they said there are more then 5 million things running on java.

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