How to Root HTC Desire X Running Jelly Bean 4.1.1

HTC Desire X Root

HTC Desire X Root

In this tutorial you will learn how to root your HTC Desire X running Jelly Bean 4.1.1. You will also be unlocking the Bootloader and installing a Custom Recovery on HTC Desire X. The process is fairly simple but does involve the risk of bricking your device, Hence I suggest you proceed with caution and at your own risk.


Before you do anything else, First Backup your important files like Contacts, SMS, Applications, Notes etc. This will come in handy once you wipe clean your device. You can find my guide explaining how to backup your android.

Once you have finished Backing up your essential files, Lets get started with rooting your HTC Desire X. I will be dividing the article into parts based on different tasks such as Unlocking bootloader, installing custom recovery etc. I suggest you create a New Folder on your Desktop or on any Drive where you can download all your HTC files and work on rooting.

Install HTC Desire X Drivers.

Before you start the rooting process, You need to have all the drivers setup on your computer so that the process finishes smoothly else you might need to pause in between and keep installing new drivers that it finds. So why not have it all setup in the beginning itself?

Step 1. Download the latest HTC Driver Installer.

Step 2. Install the package you just downloaded.

Step 3. Enable USB Debugging in your Android, To do that visit Settings > Scroll down to Developer Options (turn it ON) > Tick the USB Debugging option.

Step 4. Turn OFF your HTC, Connect your Phone to PC via USB > Turn ON the phone. Let Windows install any other drivers it might find.

Setup Android SDK.

This part is essential and will prove highly useful in future. So atleast have the SDK downloaded.

Step 1. Download Android SDK.

Step 2. Extract the ZIP to a folder.

Now the most useful part in this SDK for you at the moment will be the \sdk\platform-tools folder because it contains the ADB and Fastboot files.

Unlock HTC Desire X Bootloader.

Unlocking bootloader gives you access to certain partitions of the system that are inaccessible to normal users. These include the Boot partition, System partition and recovery. After you unlock bootloader, You can make changes to these partitions which in short lets you flash custom recovery, ROM and other custom mods. Hence this forms the base of Rooting your HTC Desire X.

Unlocking Bootloader Factory Resets your Device, So once I again I urge you to take backups.

Step 1. Register an Account on HTC Developer Site and verify your Email.

Step 2. Download this WinDroid HTC Desire X Toolkit. UPDATE : WinDroid Toolkit

Step 3. Extract the Zip and Run WinDroid HTC Desire X Toolkit.exe as Administrator.

WinDroid Unlock Bootloader

WinDroid Unlock Bootloader

Step 4. Click on Get Token ID, Your device will boot into Bootloader and a Command Prompt will appear which you need to close.

Close this window

Close this window

Step 5. After you close that window, Another Command Prompt will appear with a long series of strings. From that command prompt, Copy everything from <<<<Identifier Token Start>>>> to <<<<Identifier Token End>>>>.

  • To copy, Right click on the black window > Select All. Then press Ctrl+C > Open a new Notepad and paste it there.
  • Erase everything above the <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> and below the <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>> lines. Also use Search and Replace to remove the INFO word from every line.
Copy Token

Copy Token

Step 6. Re-login to your HTC Dev account in case the session expired, Then Click on Submit Token ID button > Scroll to the bottom of the page that opened and paste in your Identifier Token and click Submit as shown in the image below.

Enter Identifier Token

Enter Identifier Token

Step 7. Login to your Email Account with which you registered on HTC Dev, Look for an Email from HTC Dev which contains your Bootloader Unlock Binary File, Download it.

Step 8. In case you are still in the Bootloader mode, Use the Volume Buttons to choose REBOOT option and press Power Button to reboot your device, Now Click the Unlock Bootloader button on WinDroid and follow the onscreen instructions to unlock your Bootloader successfully.

Step 9. To check if you have successfully unlocked your bootloader or not, Go to the sdk/platform-tools/ folder and open a Command Prompt in this folder (Tip : Press Shift and Right click anywhere in the folder > Open command window here).

Connect your Phone via USB.

Type this command into command prompt.

adb reboot-bootloader

Step 10. Once you are in the Bootloader, Check if you see a *** UNLOCKED *** text on the top of the screen. If so you have unlocked your HTC Desire X Bootloader else redo the steps.

Install TWRP Custom Recovery on HTC Desire X.

Custom Recovery is essential to flash ROMs and other Mods, Also you can take Nandroid backup of your HTC Desire X with a Custom Recovery installed. You can either use the One Click option in WinDroid to install the Custom Recovery or follow this manual method.

Step 1. Download TWRP Custom Recovery for Jelly Bean HBOOT.

Step 2. Copy the recovery.img file to your sdk/platform-tools/ folder.

Step 3. Open command prompt there and enter the following commands.

To reboot your phone to bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

To Flash the custom recovery.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

followed by

fastboot reboot-bootloader


fastboot erase cache

To Reboot your phone.

fastboot reboot

Step 4. Now you have installed a custom recovery on your HTC Desire X. To boot into Custom Recovery, Either turn OFF your phone then press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button or else enter the following command in platform-tools folder.

adb reboot recovery

Root HTC Desire X

Now you have completed 90% of the tasks, Now you just need to install the Super User binary in order to gain root privileges on your HTC Desire X.

Step 1. Download the latest SuperSU Flashable Zip.

Step 2. Copy it to your SD Card.

Step 3. Boot to Custom Recovery (method shown above).

Step 4. Select Install > Browse to your SD Card and Select the SuperSU Zip and Swipe to Confirm Flash.

Step 5. Go Back and Reboot > System.

Now you have successfully Rooted your HTC Desire X.

To check if you are rooted or not, Install Terminal Emulator app from Play Store and Open it. Type in ‘su’ without quotes and press enter, If a popup appears asking you to Grant or Deny root access then your device is rooted.


WinDroid HTC Desire X Toolkit Thanks to WindyCityRockr.

TWRP Custom Recovery Thanks to neXus PRIME.

SuperSU Thanks to Chainfire.

Now that you are rooted, Endless possibilities to increase your device’s performance and appearance has been unlocked. I will be writing a tutorial to install custom kernel on HTC Desire X and many more related guides.

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  1. Ashik Sujath says

    Thanks. It worked.. I got my phone rooted. can you suggest a good custom rom for htc desire x? Thanks again.. :-)

  2. Jason says

    trying to use the WinDroid HTC Desire X Toolkit but it does not seem to open up the command window on win 8…is this due to win 8 or something else as the phone goes into bootloader mode but the command window does not open

  3. Rajat Narang says

    I rooted my desire x by this method…and got successful bt after that when i powered it off and tried to power it on…it didn’t powered on.Only the orange light is appearing when i am connecting it to charger or pc.I think it has been bricked.I am new to this thread…So please help me!!!

  4. Vinay says

    I am not seeing WinDroid HTC Desire X Toolkit.exe in downloaded zip file. I have downloaded Is this right one. Could you please help me?

  5. Aditya says

    You did not show how to turn the S-OFF. I have read that it is safer to S-OFF while rooting otherwise there is a high chance of bricking.

    • says

      Unless you need to write into the System partition while running Android, you don’t need S-OFF. It’s easier to mess up the phone if you have S-OFF and don’t know what you are doing.
      Having Root with S-ON will still allow you to perform majority of root operations.

  6. raj saini says

    me rooted my phone sucesfully but insta root checker n chek my rooted or not the show msg ur phone not rooted properly whats is the meaning of this msg

    • says

      Turn off your phone. Connect it to Windows and then turn on the phone. Let it install all the drivers.
      Are you on Windows 8.1? Then you have to turn on the Test Mode in Windows to install new drivers (for most phones).

  7. Branko says

    Step 10. Once you are in the Bootloader, Check if you see a *** UNLOCKED *** text on the top of the screen. If so you have unlocked your HTC Desire X Bootloader else redo the steps.
    to me writes locked

    • says

      Then you cannot unlock your Bootloader officially with the unlock code from HTC. I am not sure if there is any unofficial methods out there. You can query it in the XDA forum.

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