How to Scan a File with Multiple Antiviruses

Internet is filled with tons of Security Softwares, majority of them provide offline security solutions like Norton 360, Kaspersky Antivirus or Avira Antivirus etc. These applications are of course best to their development but as you know none of them are cent percent perfect and even though they are updated several times a day, One software might miss an infection that the other might catch but that doesn’t mean we have to install more than one Antivirus software on our system, this is not recommended and usually ends up with one application conflicting with the other one.

Hence we need to look for a solution where we can scan a file with many security softwares without the need to install them on our system. That is what I will be explaining in this article.

This is very much possible with the help of Online Virus Scanners. Online virus scanners provide a means to quickly scan a file with multiple Antiviruses without the need to download or install any other security software on your system.

There are several Online Virus, Malware and URL scanners but the according to my experience, VirusTotal is the best.

Advantages of VirusTotal.

  1. Scan with multiple security softwares at once.
  2. No need to download or install any security software.
  3. Doesn’t use your system’s resources to complete the scan.
  4. Allows scanning through Hashes.

Disadvantages of VirusTotal.

  1. There is a file size limitation of 64MB on Virustotal.
  2. Requires active internet connection to perform the scan.

VirusTotal Details.

Number of Antiviruses: 47 Engines

File Scanning Methods:

  1. Upload a File (Limited to 64MB).
  2. Scan a URL for Malicious content.
  3. Search for previously scanned files.
  4. Search for files via Hashes.

Community: There is an active community which shares their reviews on different files and their trustworthiness.

Scanning a file with multiple antiviruses.

Method #1 Scanning via Hash without uploading.

Step 1. Download and install this software named Hash Check.

Step 2. Right click the file you wish to scan > Select Properties > Choose the Checksums Tab.

Step 3. Let the Hash Generate (Big files can take time) after that copy the MD5 Hash.

md5 hash generated

md5 hash generated

Step 4. Visit VirusTotal Search page.

Step 5. Paste the Hash there and click search.

This method may or may not work all the time but you can use this to scan for popular files. If this doesn’t work then follow the next method.

Method #2 Scan via Upload.

Another alternative is to directly upload the file and scan it.

Step 1. Visit VirusTotal page.

Step 2. Click the Choose File button and browse and select the file you want to scan.

Step 3. Click the Scan it button.

You will be shown the scan result of that particular file.

scan result

scan result

You should remember that Online Virus Scanners are not a substitute for Offline Antivirus Applications, You need to have offline security softwares installed for real time protection from threats to your computer. Online virus scanners should only be used when you want to scan a particularly suspicious file with many antiviruses.

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