Send Free SMS with Gmail – New Countries and Mobile Operators Added

send free sms from gmail

send free sms from gmail

Gmail has had the SMS sending feature for quite some time, but it only supported few countries and carriers.

Now it has added support for more countries and sending SMS for free via Gmail has just got better. You can add the Mobile number to your Gmail contacts and send the SMS from the Chat Box. You will receive their reply in your Gmail chat box.

There is a limit of 50 SMS but.. When you send an SMS, 1 Credit is deducted and when you receive a reply to an SMS you send, You receive 5 Credits until its 50. If you ever ran out of credits then you can always send an SMS to your own Mobile number and keep replying to the SMS until your Credits are full. (Thats not a Hack.. Google itself says you can do so).

Steps to Send Free SMS from Gmail.

Step 1. Login to your Gmail account.

Step 2. Click on the Chat and type in the Phone number of the person whom you want to send SMS to.

Step 3. Press Enter or Click on Send SMS.

Step 4. You will get the popup to add the number to your Contacts (this is mandatory) so add a Name to contact and save it.

Step 5. The Chat box will popup, Enter any text you want to send as SMS and hit Enter.

Step 6. You will be shown the status of delivery such as “<name> did not receive your SMS” etc.

Note : Till now, I have tried this with 2 different mobile numbers but the Message didn’t go through. May be this doesn’t work if the Mobile number has activated ‘DND’ (Do Not Disturb). You can try it though.

Note Note : Although sending the SMS is free, The receiver when replying will be charged as per the normal SMS plan.

You can get the complete list of supported countries and carriers here : [LINK].

Hope you liked this Guide, Did the SMS sending working for you?

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