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Facebook and Twitter are excellent Social Networks with enormous userbase and there are thousands of Pages related to traveling and sightseeing but how about a site completely dedicated to the above said where there are people purely dedicated to Traveling ? Moreover how about making them friends and sharing your views and reviews on different places? Its all possible with this excellent Social Network for Travelers named – Touristlink.com.

Whats the site all about? In short!

The members of Touristlink can create lists of their favorite destinations and share with friends, suggest new attractions for other travelers and post photos of cities they’ve traveled to in the past.

Setting Up Your Account.

You can register on the site via two methods, By Facebook or via your Email ID. Registering via Facebook helps you share your favorite places and reviews easily with your Facebook friends. But I opted to register via y Email Address. So choose the one you wish and proceed.

Signup on Touristlink

Signup on Touristlink

Fill up the Username/E-Mail/Password and proceed with the registration. You will be asked to Fill up your profile and upload a profile pic, Which you can choose to upload or pick from your Facebook account.

Register Now

Register Now

Then comes the best part, Choose your favorite recreational activities and cultural activities.

Now choose to connect to your favorite accounts like Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin. See the full list in the Image below.

Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts

Followed by your notification settings.

Getting Started with Your Travels.

The very first place you want to visit on this site if you are planning a tour, would be the Travel Requests area.

Request Travel Service

Request Travel Service

Travel requests area helps you to find experts and have them help you with your requests like Pickups,Accommodations etc. Here is an example of how it works.

Lets say you want to visit India for a weeks trip to Agra, Since you are a tourist its obvious you won’t be that familiar with the locality and the best places to visit, So you post the following request on Touristlink.

“Looking for a weeks accommodation in Agra along with pickup from Airport. Guide needed with good English speaking skills.”

After you post the request, You will be connected to the best providers by Touristlink and you will start getting offers from various providers. You get to choose the best deal and proceed.

You will have to pay 10% in advance and the rest of the amount upon arrival. In case of cancellation of trip you will be refunded the advance you paid.

You don’t have to worry about scammers and bogus guides as Touristlink screens each travel expert to confirm their identity before allowing them into the system. Each expert is ranked based on their cheapest rates, services and how active they are.

Other Features.

Touristlink also provides a list of the top attractions in any city based on member rankings and reviews to help users discover new attractions and hot spots.

When you visit the Popular Overviews, you can select the places based on different categories from the sidebar.

Popular Overview

Popular Overview

The best part about Touristlink is that users can ask questions to guides and hotel owners, they can add them as friends and develop a relationship with them.

You can search for and add friends on Touristlink by going to this page [LINK] and search your friends.

Another feature I found interesting on the site is the ability to find excellent bargains and deals. Have a look at the deals page to find currently running deals on travels and accommodations.

Touristlink is free to use but the company adds a 10% service fee when you book anything through the site. Example, if you book a car service to pick you up at the airport and it costs $xx, Touristlink will add the small fee to the charge. But that is feasible for such awesome service.

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