The Android Story – How the Mighty Android Evolved [INFOGRAPHIC]

Android has now become a popular operating system and has become inevitable for most mobiles. Android started appearing in mobiles only recently, but you may be amazed to know that the work on Android was started years ago back in October of 2003. Since then it started its evolution which we will show in this Infographic.

Some Interesting Android Facts:

  • Android was initialized in 2003!
  • Google aquired Android in 2005!
  • The first Android device was the HTC Dream (G1) featuring the Android 1.0!
  • After Android 1.0 there has been 9 versions released so far!

The Infographic :

Android Infograph

Android Infograph


<Credits : XCube Labs>

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  1. logo_32 says

    Damn.. did you see Froyo’s overall share in the market…
    Personally speaking…
    Ive used both… Froyo and Gingerbread… and ill have to say… for normal users Froyo is a BOON…. But with Gingerbread.. people like me can see heaven…
    I have a phone that has a CPU speed of 600 Mhz normal mode… With GB, i overclocked it to around 769 Mhz pretty easily, and the performance boost is immense…!!

    It is as if the phone has some how transformed into a mean machine… but as they say, with upgrades you also get a lot of bugs…. nothing is full proof so there are drawbacks too… but overall Froyo or Gingerbread… ANDROID is here to stay for a really loooong time….

    iOS, RIM, and also SYMBIAN… better watch out..!!

    P.S.: If you want ill make an article regarding the detailed overview if Froyo and Gingerbread…!!

      • logo_32 says

        done… in 24 hours youll have the megarticle on both the andy’s HEAD ON..!!

        P.S.: unlike the win8 one cause i still havent got much time to test it that way…!! :(
        Wish windows was open source too… Imagine the immenseness of it…!!!

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