Time Management Apps for Everyone

The concept of time management is not something new. People were working on finding different and different ways of time management since the dawn of mankind. Many devices have been found in historical researches that prove that even the ancient people used time management tools.

In this article we will discuss about some of the most popular time management apps of our time. Let us have a look –

1. iPad Time Management App – Priority Matrix App : It crystallizes the users priorities in a format that is easy to visualize and understand. It separates your tasks into four different categories according to their importance – urgent, non-urgent, important and non-important. In this way one can easily manage the time to be spent for any work according to its category.

time management apps

time management apps

2. iGoogle Activity Tracker Helps you to track your activities and manage your time. You have to punch-in the time when you start a task and then punch-out when the task is finished. Don’t worry if you forget to punch-in or punch-out the gadget will remind you. in this way you will find how many time you are spending for your activities separately and thus will engage yourself in reducing the time. You can also use it as a stopwatch, project manager, recorder, timer and even as a graphics tool.

3. Apple iWatch – it is a stylish time management app with a superb and outstanding technology. It actually connects an iPhone and an iPad together seamlessly. Using its RSS feeds you can access latest news or weather conditions. It helps to save time by simply monitoring ones time usage.

4. There are a bunch of Android apps too that you can use if you are a droider. Many premium paid apps are available however if you are tight on budget, You may consider these free alternatives too.

  1. Timesheet : Timesheet allows you the recording of your work with a simple push of a button. You can easily add breaks and create notes for a running task. Clear overviews and statistics will show the current work, project details and more information.
    With the extensive reporting tool, the data can quite easily be exported to Excel (XLS, CSV) and XML.
  2. RescueTime : Includes manual timer, detailed reports, more. Wonder where your day went? RescueTime is an automatic time and attention tracker that helps individuals and teams propagate good processes and eliminate bad habits. Fight information overload and multitask thrash!

However, there are other well known time management gadgets too, such as The BOB Screen Time Manager, Time Vault, TimesUpKidz, The You & Me Wall Clock, The Tempo Time Tag.

About the Author:

Guest post penned by Vikram from snakebytez.com . Vikram is a professional blogger and writes on wide variety of topics, including Technology, SEO, Social media, Blogging, Gadgets, etc. Follow him on Twitter @snakebytez

Are you using some Time management apps on your device? How is the experience?


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    In business/time management app, I’d like to recommend a great one which integrated an interesting concept; saving time from your notes.
    This app, Beesy, generates automatically a ToDo list from a smart note taking. Also, the advantage is you can esasily send your minutes by email. I love testing new business/ productivity apps such as Evernote, Penutilmate, Omnifocus, Awesome but it’s the first time I see an app so well done.
    I recommend Beesy for people which often have meetings 😉

    Great post :)

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