Tips to Buy WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Starting a new blog is an adventure but to make it success, we need to be very particular about everything associated with our blog. For example, which blogging platform to use, Which domain name to use, Which webhosting to use and what all SEO practices and blog promotion techniques we will be using.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting

I prefer WordPress as my Blogging platform because it’s free and comes with awesome support community. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available in WordPress plugin repo, which will make your work easier. Now, starting a WordPress blog requires many things, which includes:

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Theme

In this article, I will be talking about tips that you should consider while selecting WordPress Webhosting for your blog.

Useful tips to Buy WordPress Hosting:

Unlimited Hosting:

Do you really believe, anything could be unlimited? But when it comes to Unlimited Hosting resources, that means the value is so high, that it feels like Unlimited. Most of recommended WordPress hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, which is really useful when your blog grows. Avoid falling for those cheap hosting companies which offer limited resources at high price.

Support :

WordPress is popular Blogging platform but it comes with it’s own cons. It’s a memory hogging software and it utilized database and MySQL. There are many times, I needed to fix things which was beyond my limit and  could be done by Hosting people only. Go for a hosting company which is specialized in WordPress hosting and also offers live chat support or telephonic support. There are very few exceptional hosting companies which offer Instant ticket support, for example Knownhost. I had great experience with Hostgator for their amazing Technical support, Link to Hostgator Review.

Price and refund policy:

I always recommend to start with shared hosting, as they are cheap and good enough to handle initial 15k-20K visits a day. A shared hosting for WordPress usually cost less than $10/month but you can utilize coupon codes to get it for way cheaper price. For example, Bluehost is one of the recommended hosting by WordPress and you can grab Bluehost Discount coupon, which will make your purchase only $4.95/month. Similarly, Dreamhost offers 14 days risk-free trial, which is a good bet.

cPanel Hosting:

cPanel is one of the best script for WordPress hosting and most of reputed hosting companies for WordPress offers cPanel. Dreamhost offers custom cPanel, where as all other recommended once, offer standard cPanel. Most of cPanel hosting comes with Fantastico or custom WordPress installer, which will help your process of Installing WordPress easier. For example, you can refer below article to learn how to install WordPress using Bluehost WordPress installer.

Here are few things, which you should also consider before buying hosting for your Next WordPress blog:

  • Avoid Free Hosting : They Sucks
  • Avoid Limited Hosting
  • Avoid Windows hosting, go for Linux Hosting for hosting WordPress sites
  • Opt for hosting which allow multiple database
  • Many hosting companies allow hosting only one domain, but at the same price you can buy hosting which allow hosting of multiple domains. Why do you wanna limit yourself? :)
  • Latest MYSQL and Phpmyadmin : Make sure your new WordPress hosting companies offer latest version of MYSQL and phpmyadmin.

I hope this tips will help you to grab the best hosting for your new WordPress site. You can learn more tips for WordPress hosting on my blog at Wp Hosting Discount.


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