Turbo C for Windows Vista and Windows 7 – Full Screen Mode Enabled

Turbo C for windows 7

Turbo C for windows 7

Turbo C although outdated is still part of many Academic syllabus and is therefore necessary for students. The problem with Turbo C is that its only fully compatible till the Windows XP version of the Microsoft Operating system versions. Hence Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8 are not able to fully utilize the Turbo C program for compiling C++ programs.

That being said many are aware of the DOSBox method for installing and using Turbo C which is very buggy and needs frequent modifications to run properly. Such as you need to set the library and other folders manually after mounting the drive in dosbox along with that, Many are not able to run Turbo C in full screen when using it through DOSBox. Tedious as it sounds!

While I was searching for a compatible version of Turbo C for Windows 7, I came across a patched version of Turbo C and it works perfectly on my system, This patch is named as “TurboC Simulator” and can patch both existing Turbo C installations in Windows Vista onwards and also install a newer patched version in itself without any additional files.

Lets see how to install it and get it working.

Installing TurboC on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Step 1. Download the TurboC Simulator installer from the given link : [Download].

Step 2. Although I said it can patch existing installations of TurboC, I don’t recommend that so Delete the TC folder in your C Drive. (Remember to backup your projects from the BIN folder)

Step 3. Double click the downloaded Installer > Follow the installation by proceeding with Next/Install/Finish. Choose to open the TurboC patcher after installation.

Turbo C for Windows 7 Installation

Turbo C for Windows 7 Installation

Step 4 (A). For a simple and straightforward Patched installation of TurboC on Windows Vista/7/8. Just click on the Install button on the center of the patcher.

Turbo C for Windows 7 Patcher

Turbo C for Windows 7 Patcher

Step 5 (A). Go to desktop, There you will find the “TurboC FIXED” icon. Click on that and start the Turbo C and compile your programs. Your Installations will be in the default C:/TC/ folder as in the Windows XP.

Turbo C for Windows 7 Icon

Turbo C for Windows 7 Icon

For Advanced Installations and Patching Custom Installations of TurboC.

Step 4 (B). Click on the Options checkbox and fiddle with the settings like Custom installation folder and patching custom installations of TC.

Turbo C for Windows 7 Advanced Installation

Turbo C for Windows 7 Advanced Installation

Step 5 (B). Click the install button.

You can safely uninstall the Patcher after clicking the Install button, To do that go to Control Panel > Install/Uninstall Programs and uninstall the TurboC Simulator. Thats it!

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    Way to go! This was what I needed, as the previous turbo program had a windowed version so it was creating difficulties while writing programs. This would help in a better way 😉

  2. says

    wow that’s really great compiler these days i am getting problem in window 7 by my small screen compiler..thanks for sharing this awesome tool…….

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