Twitter Header Photo – How To Add Facebook like Cover Photo on Twitter

5 Twitter Header

5 Twitter Header

Twitter has updated its layout today and it has just rolled out a new feature similar to the Facebook Cover photo. We show you how to activate it on your profile. The twitter version of these Cover photos are known as “Headers”.

Twitter says the new headers were added in order to add personality to your Profile.

New profiles also help you get to know people better through their pictures. Photo streams now appear below anyone’s most recent Tweets on iPhone, Android and iPad. Swipe through the stream to see the photos other users have shared or tap any thumbnail to view their photos in full screen… the header photo keeps your profile simple and consistent on iPhone, iPad and Android…

The dimensions and file size details for the Header image are as follows:

  • Minimum dimensions of 1252×626
  • Maximum file size of 5MB

How to Change Twitter Header Image. [On Website]

Step 1. Login to your Twitter Account.

Step 2. Click on the Gear button > Settings.

1 Settings

1 Settings

Step 3. Click on the Design tab.

2 Design

2 Design

Step 4. Scroll down and click on Upload next to header image option and choose a Image which complies with the dimensions and file size specified above.

Step 6. Choose the Zoom in and Zoom out option to adjust the size of pic and Save it.

3 Zoom in Zoom out

3 Zoom in Zoom out

Step 7. Done!

4 Twitter Header Updated

4 Twitter Header Updated

How to Change Twitter Header Image. [On Android App]

Step 1. First of, Update your Twitter app to the latest version available on the Play Store. (3.4.0)

[Twitter 3.4.0 apk]

Step 2. Login to the App, Click on the “Me” tab > Then the Gear/Cog button.

Step 3. Click on Edit Profile, Now upload a Photo or Take a new one to set it as your Twitter Header.

Step 4. Done!

The steps are similar for iOS app.

Go ahead and personalize your Twitter profile. As for now, I can’t find a list of restrictions or guidelines on the Header image contents.. Remember the guidelines for Facebook Cover photo? NO Promotional stuff!

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    Thanks Anoop,

    Nice to see a young blogger from India blogging on such great how-to. Your design impressed me. I was able to add cover photo to facebook and google plus. I think now i will also add it to twitter.

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