Two New Ways to Join Google+ without Invites

Join Google+

Join Google+

Since the official Google+ Invites have been stopped, There was a new exploit that was used to send Google+ Invites: Sharing a post with the Email of the person who you want to invite to google+. Unfortunately this method was also detected by Google and was sopped recently. Here I reveal two new methods to Join Google+ without Invites.



  1. Like This Post/Tweet this Post/+1 this post.
  2. Login to our FACEBOOK FANPAGE and request there with your Gmail ID.

Few Tips to Get a Successful Invite.

Ok, So I have got many Google+ Invites request, Many of them got into Google+, But some are still struggling hard to get the Join Link. Here are some Tips that will work for sure.

  1. Make a Complete Google Profile. [LINK] Click Edit Profile in after logging into Google Account.
  2. +1 a few Posts or Searches from your Google Account. (You can start with this post 😉 )
  3. If you are an Android User,  Download the Google+ Android App and use it.
  4. After you have done the above, You may request for an Invite below.
  5. Do Like our Fanpage and Share this post with friends for them to Join Google+.

How to Join Google+ without Invites.

Method 1

The Old Method of Sharing a Post via Email Still Works. To do that:

  • Make a post on your Google+.
  • Share the post with the Gmail ID of the person you want to invite to Google+.
  • The person receives a post via email with a join link.

Method Below Does not Work with all Accounts but Worth a Try.

Google Chrome > Google Chrome App > Join Google+

  1. Download and Install Google Chrome. [LINK]
  2. Install the following Google Chrome App. [LINK]
  3. After you install it, Open a new Tab in your Google Chrome and you will find the Google+ Chrome App listed there as below.

    Google Chrome Google+ App

    Google Chrome Google+ App

  4. When you click on it, you will be taken to the Google+ Login page, If you are not signed up already you will be given the Join Google+ Form.

    Join Google+ without Invite

    Join Google+ without Invite

  5. Use that and signup for Google+ Account.

Method 2Mobile > Google+Login Page > Signup for Google+

This method was used by some of my friends to signup for a new Google+ Account. [Credits – Saketh Reddy]

  1. Open your Mobile Browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. If you are not already joined it, You will be given a Sign Up form to join Google+.
  5. Use that form to add yourself to Google+.

Hope these methods worked for you, Do share your experience with these two methods and Google+

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    • says

      I have sent you an Invite, Shared a post with your E-Mail. Click the join now link in the E-Mail and if luck favors you, You would get in! 😉

      • MikeG says

        Can someone send me an invite? I’ve been searching for ages (well, not literarly :)) how to get an account, but no luck – neither of the methods above worked for me :(

          • Ryan says

            Could you please send me an invite? I have not been able to find a working loophole for it. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        • cpezza85 says

          Boy I would love an invite as well. Trying to hack the system is getting tedious :) Thanks for posting all this info…

        • Limbonik says

          I’ve tried all these options and none have worked for me. I’ve been stuck with the “we’ll let you know!” noise since they first opened G+ up! -.-

          • Limbonik says

            Thanks for the invite, but I get “The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you’re not able to access Google+, please check back again soon.”

            Thanks for the attempt though!

            • says

              The same invite will work again, Google is opening the gates for the invites at random time periods in a day. So keep trying whenever you are free. :)

  1. dkwatts says

    Anoop, can you send an invite? All of the hacks seem to be closing fast. Thx.

  2. Harsha says

    Heyy..can someone send me a Google + Invite or atleast add me in their circle and use the posting method? ThanQ very much in advance… :)

  3. Stevie B says

    Ugh.. Thought for sure this info was fresh enough to work. Nope. I want in!

  4. Stefan says

    Also tried all those Methods without success. Would also be happy about an invite. Thanks a Lot in Advance

    • Ryan says

      Thank you for sending the invites. Is there any chance you may have skipped my post above? I did not get an invite.

      Thanks again.

      • says

        No I have sent it to all, The post shared might take time since Google is blocking all sorts of invites and it might take atleast 30+ min to reach. Once you get it you will be able to join it through the Join Now link in it.

        Thank you for commenting :)

  5. Stefan says

    Looking for an invite too.

    E-Mail Blanked Out To Avoid Spam

    Thanks a Lot in advance!

  6. Lovish says

    Anoop,please send me a invite too.. .at E-Mail Blanked Out To Avoid Spam … m greatly fedup of facebook these days…

    i seriously need it…

    thanks a ton


    Lovish :) :)

  7. Pixel says

    Please send me an invite other people have sent them to me but they are not working so if you’re saying you can send working ones here is my email pixel214 at hope this works and thanks :)

        • says

          You will get the Invite soon. The Invites are not delivered instantly because Google is blocking Google+ Invites. I have shared a post with your EMail ID and you will get the notification in your Gmail ID with a Join Now link. Many of those to whom I have sent have joined it when they got the invites after 1-2 Hours. :)

  8. MikeG says

    Anoop, thanks. I have received a notification from your Google+. But there is no Join link – only “View or comment” link, but when I click it I tells me that before I can view it I must join and to join I need an invitation :) Google doesn’t seem to like me 😉

    • says

      Sorry Mike, This is out of my control and in the hands of Google. There have been many cases like these with my friends whom I invited. But many were able to join through the link. Any ways I will send the invite again! :)

  9. lovish says

    thanks sir.. hope to get the invite soon at my email E-Mail Blanked Out To Avoid Spam
    😀 😀

    • says

      I had already sent u the Invite Lovish. Anywayz I have sent 1 again. :)

      P.S Don’t call me Sir! 😀 😛 😉

    • says

      Pls Comment with your Gmail ID. :) Also Read the Update I have made in the post to get a successful Invite. :)

  10. Stefan says

    No luck here despite following all the hints above. I got your invite notification, but still get the “need invite” webpage. Any chance another try helps? E-Mail Blanked Out To Avoid Spam

    • says

      Now that you have made your Google Profile, I have sent you another invite. Hope you get in there soon! :)

  11. TehLulzinator says

    I’d love to try out Google+. Gave a +1 to this post too. 😉

    You’re awesome for doing this.

    • says

      Sorry I am helpless! They are sent frm Google’s part! Did u try the new Tips with which I have updated the post above.. Try it..

  12. Lovita says

    :) E-Mail Blanked Out To Avoid Spam … ur doing a great job man!! love this page! <3

  13. Ryan says

    Anoop, Thanks again for the invite. It worked and I can see that post, but I currently get this error:

    Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

    I get what it says, try again soon, but what time do you think I would have the best chance of getting in.

    • says

      Since you have got my invite, It wont take long until it will be open for you. Try the updated steps above in this post, I have pinged your gmail with another post. Do report back when you get in! :)

  14. Eric Miller says

    Thanks, I have completed all the steps aboveincluding +1’ing this page. Can you send me the post with the invite? Thanks so much!

    – Eric

  15. athena says

    hi anoop! i made a google profile and also downloaded the android app. could you kindly invite me?

    thank you!!

  16. ROYAL says


  17. soniasim says

    Hi, would love an invite too, I’ve been sent two till now, but none seems to work for me… How do I share my email?

  18. says

    Has sent the invites to all, Those who dont get it pls wait till google decides to send it to you! 😉

  19. soniasim says

    Haven’t got your invite yet, but is the one you’re sending like the others I got that were sent to me, where I click join but it takes me to a page that notifies me that they don’t accept more people for now? Whatever the case is, thanx anyway, I did the steps above and +1 your page :)

  20. Vincent C. says

    Hello, I just gave your page a +1. Would you kindly invite me to Google+? Thank you very much!

  21. Harsha says


    I got the email saying that you sent the email but I am still yet to receive the email with the invite link…waiting for it :) Thank you once again.

    ~ Harsha

  22. says

    Hey, please send me G+ invite?
    My Gmail is: EMail Blanked out to Avoid Spam


  23. patrick says

    Please send me an invite,for once Id like to be one of the first 1000000 and not the last person in the world to join :-)
    thanks from sweden

  24. JaceMan says

    A Google+ invite would be awesome if you could spare one. I’m definitely +1 your article.

  25. soniasim says

    I was able to join this morning, we just need to be patient, thank you again, Anoop!

  26. says

    Hey anoop. Umm, when you’ve sent me the request I couldn’t get in, cause I was under-age. Now I made a new google account, with a new gmail, the last one is now deactivated. So please send me an invitation again? Please, send me an invite over g+ at 😀 Thanks alot.

  27. Wil says

    Greetings from Canada Anoop. By chance do you still have and invite? Would be greatly appreciated :)

    • says

      Sent again, Also please wait for 24 Hours before requesting for another invite! :) Becoz the Join Now button works many times a day.
      Do like our Fanpage and share this post! :)

  28. Tusshar says

    hey anoop i made my google profile and got invites from my friends ..but in mail i m seeing only “view or comment on this post” dialogue ..dis takes me to the post which my friends posted and i m able to see it but on d top its written join google plus when i click on join google + button takes me to their default page that —
    Google+ is in limited Field Trial
    At the moment, we’re testing with a small number of people, but it won’t be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we’ll make sure that you’re the first to know when we’re ready to invite more people.
    Keep Me Posted
    Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

    what do i do anoop ??..plzz suggest me ..its been 4 days now dt i m seeing this ..or cud u send me an actual invite ???

    • says

      I have sent you the invite, Hope this works for you, Pls wait for 24hours before requesting another invite.

  29. says


    I am in the exact same situation as Tusshar above. A friend of mine shared a G+ post with me 4 days ago but since then, I haven’t been able to join.

    If you don’t mind, i’d be glad you share an invitation with me. Hope it’ll work this time.

    I might add that I tried all the steps suggested in the above post without success for now.

    Thanks in advance, all the best for your blog.

  30. Aurora Endres-Bercher says

    I am also encountering the message that Google+ has exceeded their capacity, any way around this?

  31. Jos says

    Anoop, I’d love an invite if you spare one more. Have been trying to get in from the moment they launched +, unsuccesful so far… Big thanks!

  32. says

    Hey Anoop, I have been frustratingly trying to get in to G+ for two days, think you can send me an invite to see if yours will let me in? Been trying all morning… my Gmail ID is jankowski.jill . Thanks! +1ed your article as well but the 2 methods failed for me :(

  33. nsdothack says

    I have been trying to get an invite for Google+ sense it came out. I remember it took me 6 months to get a google voice invite when that came out. Please invite me if possible thank you.

  34. says

    Thanks a lot, Anoop! After 7 hours of your invitation, I’ve finally got the chance to get in. <3 Thanks a bunch bro!

  35. Bob says

    Been trying to get on, did not work so well for me at this point, would you please send an invite..Thanks

  36. Luis says

    Anyone can send me an invitation to EMail Blanked out to Avoid Spam!! Thank you very much!! Regards from Venezuela!

  37. Naveen says

    I would be highly thankful, if you could please send me an invite to google+. Thanks ton !!

  38. Wil says


    Thanks for the invite. Had to try a few times to join after gaining the invite but all is well and good now. Thanks alot.

  39. Ryan says

    Hey ive been trying for the past week to get a google+ invite or join, can someone please send me an invite.
    EMail Blanked out to Avoid Spam


  40. says

    Thanks anoop, got the post notification email but still a no-go.
    I’ll wait for a few hours and report back when it let’s me in.

  41. Kim says

    Thanks so much for this article! Unfortunately, none of the listed methods worked for me… But if any of you on here have any invites left, I would appreciate it very much!

  42. Brandyn says

    Hey man! Great post. Can you send me an invite? Been looking everywhere for a way in.

  43. Naveen says

    Thanks Anoop. Got the invite but Google+ is not letting me in. I am trying continuously. Hope it lets me in soon !

  44. Adam says

    Hello, thanks for the invite! Unfortunately, I’ve waited 24+ hours and it’s not letting me join. If you have a seconds, I’d appreciate another share. Thanks!

    • says

      Sent again! :) Hope u get it this time..BTW the invites do work for some coz many have joined Google+ through my Invites! :)

  45. Mike says

    Thanks for the invite Anoop. Same as Adam above, its not letting me join. I’ll keep at t.

  46. Imran Hussain says

    Thank you Anoop. got the invite but cannot Join yet is that how it works or do i have to wait and try again later?