What Exactly is Over Optimization of a Website According to Google Penguin?

google penguin update

google penguin update

Google has recently rolled out their new Search Algorithm in the process of cleaning their Data Base from Spam Links and Spam Pages. They are always striving for providing better user experience. It is also accepted that the current Google Search engine is 100 times ahead of what it was a few years ago. In 2011, they unveiled the revolutionary Panda Update which is considered as almost the end of Article Marketing Strategies by using Black Hat SEO, and now in 2012 they’ve rolled out Penguin which takes care of over optimization of a webpage, and link quality metrics. In this post, we’ll be doing with why Google is changing their Search Algorithm and what exactly is over optimization.

According to me Niche blogging, is one of the prime reasons that lead Google to consider the changes in Algorithm. The Niche blogging is nothing but, creating a crappy content based website by focussing on high CPC keywords or a website that focuses on an Affiliate product. As far as I concern, these sites don’t carry any value, and they were built just for money, I don’t want to say that all these niche sites are crappy, but the major reason that these sites were created is definitely the dollar factor.

Why Google is Changing their Search Algorithm?

One of the major Reasons is to support unique players instead of drug takers (black hatters). Let us consider an example website, where the major keyword of that niche site is HD PVR’s and the major goal of the author is to write about various HD PVR devices, and too offer them few discount coupons or profit sharing options, etc. by making them to visit the affiliate links any purchasing the HD PVR’s from your links which ultimately provides you decent commissions and you’ll be sharing the percentage with the client from that commission. Instead of acting as affiliates, do you think that a webmaster will be just referring to prescribed site with an outgoing link to some other e-commerce websites where they can buy HD PVR’s, never. This states that almost every niche site existing in the web world is developed for commercial purpose.

penguin recovery tips google

penguin recovery tips google

What Exactly is Over Optimization According to Penguin?

The above image, states everything for you. You can just see the word “Keyword” got used over 10 times in just a 40 word article. It is one of the best examples for over optimization.

Over Optimization also considers the factors like usage of Heading Tags, Duplicate Content, Too many Low Quality Links or too much of exact match anchor text, un-natural inter linking and many more. The basic motto of Penguin Over Optimization algorithm is all about writing content for users not for Search Bots.

Google requests webmasters to focus these Aspects in terms of Optimization.

  • Use only 1 H1 Tag, don’t over use Heading Tags as well.
  • Maintain Keyword density between 1.3% to 1.8% at max and don’t use a keyword more than 15 times.
  • Using keywords in Image Alt tag must be reasonable.
  • Let the link flow be manual.
  • Contextual Links are getting more weightage than links that appear in author bio.
  • Article Directories like Ezine Articles, ArticlesBase are carrying decent authority for your blog.
  • Don’t ever link your blog to low quality sites, Google ways us to work hard.
  • Be careful with Meta Description and Meta Tags.
  • Interlinking of your blog/website should not exceed maximum of 7 – 8 reference links from a page.

These are the few major aspects that Google Penguin expects us to follow and if you follow them serious, there is no point of getting scared at Google Algorithmic changes.

About the Author:

Guest Post by Alex Christopher, who works as a Search Engine Analyst and loves to share his views about Search Engine Algorithmic Changes and many details at BloggersCage.

Were you hit by Google Penguin Update? What strategies do you think will work to improve the condition if you were hit negatively?

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  1. says

    I personally think that lots of good websites are also hit by this update so its totally unfair with legit bloggers and webmasters. Some years ago Google was encouraging these techniques and now they are prohibiting this.

  2. says

    For blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents. People will visit your blog to read new contents and not hit of another penguin update.

  3. says

    The problem is that Google is changing everything, earlier most of the things were based on Backlinks but now it’s one of the biggest problem,and the other thing is over-optimization it ruined everything….

  4. says

    Google is becoming smarter day by day and as they are changing their policies very often it is really becoming hard for us to know the actual meaning of SEO and SEO optimization. Now a days no one can exactly say which is perfect SEO. You may get lots of traffic today and it may happen that your blog is penalized in the next update.

  5. says

    I don’t much about SEO as my Profession is developing websites.But,I know because of Penguin Updates of Google lots of sites got affected.Many of my own clients has this issue & suffer lot.Many websites are just thrown away by Google in a dustbin.

  6. says

    Google Panda and Premium update have changed the world of Websites. Web Design has come a long way and things change to get better optimization of search results. Interesting article, personally I really liked that every one knows the aftereffects of Panda, but you as an author have mentioned steps that need to be taken for increasing PR. Ezine, Buzzle, Howtodothings are some article directories that have managed to keep its quality up.

    • says

      That is not recommended, You should also use different LSI Keywords in the post in order to decrease the Keyword Density. Find related keywords by searching for your main keyword in Google and scroll down and copy the relevant keywords from Google Suggests.

    • says

      I wouldn’t recommend this. Alt attributes are supposed to describe the image should it not load correctly or if the user is using a screen reader. Unless all 10 images were identical then their alt attributes would need to be different.

  7. says


    I total agree with Anoop, the way you share the over optimization is really good many internet marketer do not know about it. so this topic will clear many point why a new blog hit by google penguin. keep it up and share more.


  8. says

    Thanks, Alex.

    I just finished scanning around thirty postings on H1 tags and Penguin. Your article is the first one that provided a clear and simple rundown of the new processes. I want to hand an “A+” over this. I wish everyone would practice such a writing style.

    But sometimes it smes as though the search engines have stripped us of the freedom to write in a normal tone of conversation. Scammers may indeed over optimize, but sometimes a topic cannot be discussed without what Google world consider excessive use of a phrase or word choice.

    Oh well. Just venting. I am glad to have found this article.


    Grace only becomes perfected when bound to the love of Jesus Christ.

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