Which Social Networking Sites Are Secure? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Network Security

Social Network Security


These days every social network site has become a target for Spammers and Hackers, Mainly to accomplish Identity Thefts and to steal personal informations, Hence it is important to know which Social Networking Sites are secure and trustable to keep your Personal Profiles secure from prying eyes.

ZoneAlarm, A Security giant has conducted a research and came up with a chart showing different Social Networks and rated them according to their Security and past security threats.

The following Are the Results in Brief :

  1. Facebook
  2. MySpace
  3. Bebo
  4. Orkut
  5. Twitter
  6. Hi5
  7. Friendster
  8. LinkedIn

As you can see Facebook Tops the chart in terms of Security. This is no wonder since it is the largest Social Network in the World.

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