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Yesterday, Microsoft gave a sneak peek of the new Operating System ‘Microsoft Windows 8′ to the developers at the Build Conference held in California. Just after the conference, The developer preview version of Windows 8 is now available for anyone who wants to get hands on em.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 8

The minimum system requirements need for windows 8 to run stable are as prescribed by Microsoft.

  • PC with a 1GHz or faster processor (either 32- or 64-bit)
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB for 64-bit)
  • 16GB of hard disk space (20GB for 64-bit) for OS
  • DirectX 9 graphics with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • OPTIONAL – Touch Screen enabled device to take advantage of Windows 8 Touch capabilities.

WARNING : These developer previews are neither Beta Version nor Final Releases. They are provided on as is basis and the software codes may change without prior notice.

Also keep in mind that upgrades from preceding Windows versions are not supported in the Developer Preview. Only clean installs are supported.

Although the bits and apps running in windows 7 will be compatible with windows 8 but certain drivers may not function properly until further updates are released.

The Windows 8 developer preview is closer to a finished product than Windows 7 was when it was at the same stage in 2008. Windows 7 didn’t have the final version of its user interface (UI) when developers got to see it, but Windows 8 comes complete with the tile-based UI based in part on Windows Phone 7. It wouldn’t be much good without it—the UI is heavily integrated in the OS’s functionality, particularly with touch devices.

The following are the release orders of any operating system especially of Microsoft products.

First Stage – Developer Preview

Second Stage – General Beta (Beta)

Third Stage – Release Candidate (RC)

Forth Stage – Release To Manufacturers (RTM)

Fifth Stage – General Availability (GA)

So as you can see in the above hierarchy, We have only reached the first stage and a lot more upgrades and updates are yet to be patched on to the Final Release.

Till then you can enjoy the Developer Preview Release,

Download Links As Mentioned Below.


After you download them, Don’t forget to check the file for integrity (i.e Non Corrupt File).

How To Check The ISO File For Integrity.

  1. Download this Hash Checker [LINK – 85KB] & Install it.
  2. Right click the downloaded ISO > Properties > Checksum Tab.
  3. Let the hash generate and Verify the SHA 1 Hash of the file with the one given below the download link.

Once you have verified the ISO for integrity, Proceed with its installation on a new Partition. NOTE: You cannot upgrade install Windows 8 Developer Preview.


  1. Ravi says

    i having dell 1440 . in this model there is no Graphics card can i use it with my laptop.
    will it work with Direct 9x ?

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